Slow Metabolism

3 Mistakes That Will Lead To A Slow Metabolism

When it comes to weight loss you hear so much talk about a fast or slow metabolism. Your metabolism is controlled by your thyroid. A sluggish thyroid equals weight gain. You must take care of your thyroid if you want to lose weight. It all boils down to a healthy thyroid.

If you are interested in losing weight, keep reading to see if you are making the 3 mistakes that might be slowing down your metabolism. Continue reading “3 Mistakes That Will Lead To A Slow Metabolism”

Ways to Relax

5 Great Ways to Relax in Five Minutes or Less

Relaxation is known to be important. It can directly reduce stress and can offer relief to people suffering from conditions such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

In addition to the impressive health benefits, relaxation feels great and is something we should all make more time for. So next time you have some down time, don’t reach for the laptop, don’t go searching for even more free spins offers that you don’t really need and don’t even think about feeling bored!

To help you on your quest for relaxation, we’ve cobbled together 5 great tips that’ll have you breathing deeply and letting go of your stresses, often in as little as five minutes. Continue reading “5 Great Ways to Relax in Five Minutes or Less”

journal therapy

Holiday Journal Therapy

The holiday season is a time of great celebration, but if you have recently lost someone who was very close to you, the holidays can be painful and hard to endure. You are grieving, yet everyone expects you to join in the good times.

Similarly, if you lost a loved one at a holiday time in a previous year, the season can be a difficult challenge for you ever thereafter.

If this describes you, remember first that it is perfectly okay for you to have conflicting feelings and ups and downs. Trying to suppress or mask your grief doesn’t help, as it will surface eventually. Fully experiencing your feelings is the best way to work through them. Continue reading “Holiday Journal Therapy”

Ways To Beat Stress

8 Quick Ways To Beat Stress

There are both preventive and curative techniques to de-stress, but most of these therapies or meditation takes a lot of time for it to actually work.

Here are some quick ways to instantly unwind and beat stress:

Count backwards – When you feel a little wound up, just try to count back from 10 to 1. This helps to slowly sedate the body and mind, making you feel calmer. Continue reading “8 Quick Ways To Beat Stress”

Carrying A Guilty Conscience

Carrying A Guilty Conscience

It is common knowledge that our conscience provides us with directions on what is right and wrong. It helps us distinguish good from evil. We all have that silent voice at the back of our minds whispering what to do and what not to do. It is always there with us, always giving us guidence and according to most religions, it is God’s way of leading us to the path of good.

Unfortunately, while the advice of the conscience is always sound, the body is not always bound to follow the direction of the conscience. The role of the conscience is purely advisory and most of the time, what we do may not be in line with what the conscience dictates. In the events that we follow our conscience and do what is right and honourable, our conscience is pleased and satisfied and so are we. However, when we go against our conscience and do something that we clearly know to be wrong, the result is a guilty conscience. Continue reading “Carrying A Guilty Conscience”

Choosing A Hospice Provider

Five Considerations When It Comes To Choosing A Hospice Provider

Picking the right hospice provider for a loved one may seem like an easy undertaking. But when you are already in the final leg of that pursuit, it is then you will realize the complications of your responsibilities. Yes, these facilities basically adhere to the same guidelines. But that does not imply that they are all the same. Every agency you encounter will be unique. They will offer different services and facilities. Some will be providing holistic care while others will only be attempting to promote a normal way of life. Wherever you end up putting a family member in will affect the way they are cared for and the quality of life they will be living from the present until their passing. So your final decision is very crucial. After all, you are not only securing the well-being of someone that is in a difficult circumstance, you are also dictating what your expenses and experiences will be like moving forward. Continue reading “Five Considerations When It Comes To Choosing A Hospice Provider”

Hurry Hurry Disease

Hurry Hurry Disease

A new disease is rampant among us. Contagious as the flu, persistent as a bad cough, the “hurry hurry” disease is a malady of the mind. The symptoms are a frequent feeling that we must rush through our lives because we don’t have enough time to do all we have to do, that we are somehow running out of the precious commodity of our days and hours and minutes. The disease can become chronic, so our entire lives feel rushed and frantic, leaving us continuously grumpy, exhausted, and overwhelmed. Continue reading “Hurry Hurry Disease”


5 Habits That Make You Anxious

Be it good or bad habit, once inculcated, we do not need to make a conscious effort to follow one or keep in check. The one thing about habit is that after a prolonged period of time, it becomes a part of us, and what we do, how we think, and the way we react eventually depends upon what we keep doing over and over again.

Considering the fact that anxiety can be easily avoided and tackled using one’s own will power and optimism, there are almost 65% of people who complain of stress and anxiety on a regular basis. It all boils down to perspective and the trust in one’s own ability when it comes to handling adverse situations. Continue reading “5 Habits That Make You Anxious”

Reduce Stress

Feeling Tense? Massage These Key Areas To Instantly Reduce Stress

Stress is often accompanied by muscle tension, especially along the trapezius muscle (the triangular area starting from the temple, covering the base of the neck, and running along the shoulders). The aches and knots you feel in your shoulders and the base of your neck is almost always a result of stress. One of the instant tips to relieve stress is through massaging the key areas. Continue reading “Feeling Tense? Massage These Key Areas To Instantly Reduce Stress”