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Holiday Journal Therapy

The holiday season is a time of great celebration, but if you have recently lost someone who was very close to you, the holidays can be painful and hard to endure. You are grieving, yet everyone expects you to join in the good times.

Similarly, if you lost a loved one at a holiday time in a previous year, the season can be a difficult challenge for you ever thereafter.

If this describes you, remember first that it is perfectly okay for you to have conflicting feelings and ups and downs. Trying to suppress or mask your grief doesn’t help, as it will surface eventually. Fully experiencing your feelings is the best way to work through them. Continue reading “Holiday Journal Therapy”

Normal Process Of Grief

Three Tips To Stand Grief And Progress With Life

Everyone can experience grief and loss. Any person can lose someone dear like a relative, a close friend or a pet because death is part of life. To understand grief, one must look at it as a multifaceted response because grieving is not just an emotional reaction to loss. In psychology, besides the affect or emotional response, grief can also bring about social, philosophical and physical reactions. Continue reading “Three Tips To Stand Grief And Progress With Life”